Being Progressive-open-minded and open-ended-is the spirit through which any and all advances in innovation, design and personal expression take form. It is this spirit that gave birth to Globe International 15 years ago and continues to drive the Globe today - inspiring the people, products and programs that represent them.

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  • Melboburne, Austrailia

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  1. Globe - Red Belly

    Globe - Red Belly

    Slim casual look with minimal materials and a recession proof price.
  2. Globe - Tiger Davidson

    Globe - Tiger Davidson

    A 31.75" x 7.75" deck with vintage white translucent paint, 5" trucks, 58mm/83a wheels, and high shredability.
  3. Globe - Year Zero Tee

    Globe - Year Zero Tee

    Part of the unique collection born within the scope of Globe's new film, Year Zero. Limited supplies!

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